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BendableSound: a fabric-based interactive surface to promote free play in children with autism

Deysi Ortega, Franceli L. Cibrian and Monica Tentori

The 17th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility - Posters and Demos (ASSETS 2015)
Lisbon, Portugal, October 26-28, 2015


Children with autism found free play difficult. Free play is important for children with autism to help them develop social, communication, and expression skills. Interactive surfaces (IS) offer a casual and natural collaborative and engaging experience adequate to promote free play for children with autism. In this poster, we present the design and development of BendableSound, a fabric-based IS that allows children play music when tapping and touching on digital elements appearing on top of the fabric. We followed a user-centered design process involving interviewing, observation and design sessions with caregivers. We close discussing directions for future work.

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