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Usability for Accessibility – A Consolidation of Requirements for Mobile Applications

Clauirton Siebra, Tatiana Gouveia, Anderson Filho, Walter Correia, Marcelo Penha, Marcelo Anjos, Fabiana Florentin, Fabio Silva and Andre Santos

The 17th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility - Posters and Demos (ASSETS 2015)
Lisbon, Portugal, October 26-28, 2015


Differently of the Web Accessibility Guidelines, which are already consolidated as a reference, the initiatives to develop guidelines for accessible mobile applications are recent and several approaches present only suggestions rather than a concrete list of functional requirements. This work analyzed 247 scientific articles to identify requirements that are being considered to different types of impairments. The collected information was consolidated and classified according to groups of impairments. As result, this paper presents the main points of a checklist proposal for functional requirements, which should be considered by mobile applications to ensure accessibility with usability.

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