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ASSETS Doctoral Consortium 2015: Accepted Submissions

Construction and exploration of an interactive and collaborative map of the visually impaired
  Julie Ducasse
Design Strategy for Integrated Personal Health Records: improving the senior healthcare experience through digital media and meaningful use
  InĂªs Rodolfo
Designing Wearable Computing Technology for Acceptability and Accessibility
  Halley Profita
Digital and Tactile Drawing-System for Blind Users
  Jens Bornschein
Music therapy on interactive surfaces to improve sensorimotor problems of children with autism
  Franceli L. Cibrian
Musical Robotic Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Summary
  Jaclyn Barnes
Non-intrusive Stabilization of Tremors Associated with Fine Motor Control in Fingers.
  Peter Cottrell
Online Just-In-Time Cognitive Assessment for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments
  Sean Smith
Technology Factors Affecting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Postsecondary Education
  Erin Buehler
Visualising Phonemic Information to Improve Speech-Reading
  Benjamin Gorman

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