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ASSETS 2015: Accepted Submissions

"But, I don't take steps": Examining the Inaccessibility of Fitness Trackers for Wheelchair Athletes
  Patrick Carrington, Kevin Chang, Helena Mentis and Amy Hurst
A Spellchecker for Dyslexia
  Luz Rello, Miguel Ballesteros and Jeffrey P. Bigham
A Unifying Notification System To Scale Up Assistive Services
  Charles Consel, Lucile Dupuy and Hélène Sauzéon
Accessible Texts for Autism: An Eye-Tracking Study
  Victoria Yaneva, Irina Temnikova and Ruslan Mitkov
Collaborative Creation of Digital Tactile Graphics
  Jens Bornschein, Denise Prescher and Gerhard Weber
Comparing Methods of Displaying Language Feedback for Student Videos of American Sign Language
  Matt Huenerfauth, Elaine Gale, Brian Penly, Mackenzie Willard and Dhananjai Hariharan
Demographic and Experiential Factors Influencing Acceptance of Sign Language Animation by Deaf Users
  Hernisa Kacorri, Matt Huenerfauth, Sarah Ebling, Kasmira Patel and Mackenzie Willard
Disability and Technology - A Critical Realist Perspective
  Christopher Frauenberger
Enhancing Blind People’s Information Scanning with Faster Concurrent Speech
  João Guerreiro and Daniel Gonçalves
Evaluating Alternatives for Better Deaf Accessibility to Selected Web-Based Multimedia
  Brent Shiver and Rosalee Wolfe
Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges with Exercise Technologies for People who are Blind or Low-Vision
  Kyle Rector, Lauren Milne, Richard Ladner, Batya Friedman and Julie Kientz
ForeSee: A Customizable Head-Mounted Vision Enhancement System for People with Low Vision
  Yuhang Zhao, Sarit Szpiro and Shiri Azenkot
Getting Smartphones to TalkBack: Understanding the Smartphone Adoption Process of Blind Users
  André Rodrigues, Kyle Montague, Hugo Nicolau and Tiago Guerreiro
How 3D Virtual Humans Built by Adolescents with ASD Affect Their 3D Interactions
  Chao Mei, Lee Mason and John Quarles
Inclusion and Education: 3D Printing for Integrated Classrooms
  Erin Buehler, William Easley, Samantha McDonald, Niara Comrie and Amy Hurst
Large scale evaluation of novel sonification techniques for non visual shape exploration
  Andrea Gerino, Lorenzo Picinali, Cristian Bernareggi, Nicolò Alabastro and Sergio Mascetti
Making Stock Market Charts Accessible to Investors with Visual Impairments
  Hong Zou and Jutta Treviranus
Online News Videos: The UX of Subtitle Position
  Michael Crabb, Rhianne Jones, Mike Armstrong and Chris J. Hughes
Social Media Platforms for Low-Income Blind People in India
  Aditya Vashistha, Edward Cutrell, Nicola Dell and Richard Anderson
The Invisible Work of Accessibility: How Blind Employees Manage Accessibility in Mixed-Ability Workplaces
  Stacy Branham and Shaun Kane
The Tactile Graphics Helper: Providing Audio Clarification for Tactile Graphics Using Machine Vision
  Giovanni Fusco and Valerie Morash
Towards Efficacy-Centered Game Design Patterns For Brain Injury Rehabilitation: A Data-Driven Approach
  Jinghui Cheng, Cynthia Putnam and Doris Rusch
Tracked Speech-To-Text Display: Enhancing Accessibility and Readability of Real-Time Speech-To-Text
  Raja Kushalnagar, Gary Behm, Aaron Kelstone and Shareef Ali
Transcribing Across the Senses: Community Efforts to Create 3D Printable Accessible Tactile Pictures for Young Children with Visual Impairments
  Abigale Stangl, Chialo Hsu and Tom Yeh
Typing Performance of Blind Users: An Analysis of Touch Behaviors, Learning Effect, and In-Situ Usage
  Hugo Nicolau, Kyle Montague, André Rodrigues, Tiago Guerreiro and Vicki Hanson
Understanding the Challenges Faced by Neurodiverse Software Engineering Employees: Towards a More Inclusive and Productive Technical Workforce
  Meredith Ringel Morris, Andrew Begel and Ben Wiedermann
Usage of Subjective Scales in Accessibility Research
  Shari Trewin, Diogo Marques and Tiago Guerreiro
User participation when users have mental and cognitive disabilities
  Stefan Johansson, Jan Gulliksen and Ann Lantz
Using In-Situ Projection to Support Cognitively Impaired Workers at the Workplace
  Markus Funk, Sven Mayer and Albrecht Schmidt
Zebra Crossing Spotter: Automatic Population of Spatial Databases for Increased Safety of Blind Travelers
  Dragan Ahmetovic, Roberto Manduchi, James M. Coughlan and Sergio Mascetti

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