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ASSETS 2015: Accepted Demos

Accessible Mobile Biometrics for Elderly
  Ramón Blanco-Gonzalo, Raul Sanchez-Reillo, Loïc Martinez-Normand, Belen Fernandez-Saavedra and Judith Liu-Jimenez
Can We Make Dynamic, Accessible and Fun One-Switch Video Games?
  Sebastián Aced López, Fulvio Corno and Luigi De Russis
ChatWoz: chatting through a Wizard of Oz
  Pedro Fialho and Luisa Coheur
Eyes-free exploration of shapes with Invisible Puzzle
  Andrea Gerino, Lorenzo Picinali, Cristian Bernareggi and Sergio Mascetti A Web Interface for Generating Customized 3D-Printable Tactile Maps
  Brandon Taylor, Anind Dey, Dan Siewiorek and Asim Smailagic
ARMStroke: A Mobile App for Everyday Stroke Rehabilitation
  Jin Guo, Ted Smith, David Messing, Ziying Tang, Sonia Lawson and Jinjuan Feng
READ: a (research) platform for evaluating non-visual access methods to digital documents
  Laurent Sorin, Julie Lemarié and Mustapha Mojahid
Using Dynamic Audio Feedback to Support Peripersonal Reaching in Visually Impaired People
  Graham Wilson and Stephen Brewster
An Enhanced Electrolarynx with Automatic Fundamental Frequency Control based on Statistical Prediction
  Kou Tanaka, Tomoki Toda, Graham Neubig, Sakriani Sakti and Satoshi Nakamura
Nonvisual Access to an Interactive Electric Field Simulation: Work in Progress
  Clayton Lewis and Derek Riemer
Balance Assessment in Fall-Prevention Oriented Exergames
  Miguel Brito, João Jacob, Rui Nóbrega and António Santos
ASL CLeaR: STEM Education Tools for Deaf Students
  Jeanne Reis, Erin Solovey, Jon Henner, Kathleen Johnson and Robert Hoffmeister
EnTable: Rewriting Web Data Sets as Accessible Tables
  Steven Gardiner, Anthony Tomasic and John Zimmerman
A Game to Target the Spelling of German Children with Dyslexia
  Maria Rauschenberger, Silke Fücksel, Luz Rello, Clara Bayarri, Adzuki Gòrriz
The Implementation of a Vocabulary and Grammar for an Open-Source Speech-Recognition Programming Platform
  Jean Karlo Rodriguez-Cartagena, Andrea Claudio-Palacios, Natalia Pacheck-Tallaj, Valerie González-Santiago and Patricia Ordóñez-Franco

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