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ASSETS 2015: Poster Session I

A pilot study about the Smartwatch as Assistive Device for Deaf People
  Matthias Mielke and Rainer Brück
Using OnScreenDualScribe to Support Text Entry and Targeting among Individuals with Physical Disabilities
  Sidas Saulynas, Lula Albar, Ravi Kuber and Torsten Felzer
Developing SAGAT Probes to Evaluate Blind Individuals’ Situation Awareness when Traveling Indoor Environments
  Abdulrhman Alkhanifer and Stephanie Ludi
Dytective: Toward a Game to Detect Dyslexia
  Luz Rello, Abdullah Ali and Jeffrey Bigham
Design and Evaluation of a Simplified Online Banking Interface for People with Cognitive Disabilities
  Mario Erazo and Gottfried Zimmermann
GraCALC: An Accessible Graphing Calculator
  Cagatay Goncu and Kim Marriott
ARCoach 2.0: Optimizing a Vocational Prompting System Based on Augmented Reality for People with Cognitive Impairments
  Yao-Jen Chang, Ya-Shu Kang, Yao-Sheng Chang and Hung-Huan Liu
BendableSound: a fabric-based interactive surface to promote free play in children with autism
  Deysi Ortega, Franceli L. Cibrian and Monica Tentori
Designing Kinect2Scratch Games to Help Therapists Train Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy in Special Education School Settings
  Yao-Jen Chang, Ya-Shu Kang, Yao-Sheng Chang, Hung-Huan Liu, Cheng-Chieh Wang and Chia Chun Kao
Model-Based Automated Accessibility Testing
  Giorgio Brajnik, Chiara Pighin and Sara Fabbro
Usability for Accessibility – A Consolidation of Requirements for Mobile Applications
  Clauirton Siebra, Tatiana Gouveia, Anderson Filho, Walter Correia, Marcelo Penha, Marcelo Anjos, Fabiana Florentin, Fabio Silva and Andre Santos
An Investigation into Appropriation of Portable Smart Devices by Users with Aphasia
  Gennaro Imperatore and Mark Dunlop
Japanese Sentence Handwriting Learning System for Special Needs Education
  Iwao Kobayashi, Nami Nemoto, Kiwamu Sato, Kaito Watanabe, Hiroshi Nunokawa and Naohito Ogasawara
DroneNavigator: Using Drones for Navigating Visually Impaired Persons
  Mauro Avila, Markus Funk and Niels Henze
Calendars for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities: A Comparison of Table View and List View
  Frode Eika Sandnes and Maud Veronica Lundh
Mobile Phone Access to a Sign Language Dictionary
  Michael Jones, Harley Hamilton and James Petmecky
Teaching Accessibility, Learning Empathy
  Cynthia Putnam, Maria Dahman, Emma Rose, Jinghui Cheng and Glenn Bradford
Road Sensing: Personal Sensing and Machine Learning for Development of Large Scale Accessibility Map
  Yusuke Iwasawa, Koya Nagamine, Yutaka Matsuo and Ikuko E. Yairi
Adaptive assistance to support and promote performance-impaired people in manual assembly processes.
  Manuel Koelz, Darrell Jordon, Peter Kurtz and Thomas Hörz
Issues influencing the Uptake of Smartphone Reminder apps for People with Acquired Brain Injury
  Matthew Jamieson, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Breda Cullen, Stephen Brewster and Jonathan Evans
Exploring Synergies Between Gaze and Speech Interaction: A First Prototype
  Diogo Vieira, João Dinis Freitas, Cengiz Acartürk, António Teixeira, Luís Sousa, Samuel Silva, Sara Candeias and Miguel Sales Dias
Exploring the Use of Massive Open Online Courses for Teaching Students with Intellectual Disability
  Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães and Andrea Britto Mattos
VITHEA-Kids: a platform for improving language skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  Vânia Mendonça, Luísa Coheur and Alberto Sardinha
The Development of a Framework for Understanding the UX of Subtitles
  Michael Crabb, Rhianne Jones and Mike Armstrong
An Empirical Study for Examining the Performance of Visually Impaired People in Recognizing Shapes through a Vibro-tactile Feedback
  Waseem Safi, Fabrice Maurel, Jean-Marc Routoure, Pierre Beust, Gaël Dias

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