Lisbon, Portugal         October 26-28

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Lisbon Tips!

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #1

ASSETS will be held at the SANA hotel at the end of Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 50 meters from the Marquis of Pombal Square ( This is one of the most relevant and central places in Lisbon, with an accessible metro station that serves two metro lines (yellow and blue) that can take you to virtually anywhere in Lisbon. From the square you can walk down Av. da Liberdade (Liberty Avenue), an avenue with several restaurants, bars, caffés, theaters and stores, to downtown where you can see several bits of the history of Lisbon. Also, from across the street of the hotel, you have Park Eduardo VII a beautiful green place to give a walk or jog.

More to come! Cheers.

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #2 - Getting to the Hotel

ASSETS 2015 will be held at the Sana Hotel which is located near the centre of Lisbon. Lisbon Portela Airport is inside the city very close to the centre. It is a 7.3 kilometer (approximately 4.5 miles) drive from the airport to the hotel. Taxis are an option.

There is a bus connecting the airport to Marquês de Pombal (hotel location), named Carris nr 744, with the cost of 1,8 euros.

The airport is served by the Lisbon metro (red line). To go to the hotel, you should go in the red line until Saldanha station and then change to the Yellow line (from Saldanha to Marquês). Total time less than 30 minutes. Metro ticket is around 1,4 euros (plus metro card, 0.5 euros) . Metro map is available at…/20…/07/Metronetwork-.pdf

The airport has shuttle services (Aerobus) that connects the airport with several areas in Lisbon, at the cost of 3,5 euros.

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #3 - For those staying a few more days

(and that want to know more about Portugal) 

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #4 - Visit Lisbon - Belém

For those with time (a few hours, an afternoon or days) to get to know Lisbon, there are plenty attractions to visit. In Belém, you can find some of them. It has several Portuguese historical monuments, such as Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Jeronimos Monastery - Figure 1) and Torre de Belém (Belém Tower - Figure 2) just by the Tagus river; a nice view of the river and the 25th of April Bridge (similar to the Golden Gate - Figure 3); the Belém Cultural Center (with the Berardo Museum - Free entrance); among others.

Figure 1. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the beautiful gardens in front of it

Figure 2. Torre de Belém (Belém Tower), just by the tagus River

Figure 3. A view of the river, the bridge and the monument that celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discoveries

In your visit, you should not miss our famous pastries, “Pastéis de Nata” (custard tarts). Pastéis de Belém are the most famous ones (Figure 4). People say it is impossible to eat just one, so you should probably start with two (and if you like, a glass of port wine). Tip: Avoid waiting in the big line, that’s just for Take Away. Usually you can find a table inside (or wait just a little bit for the table). When eating inside, you can also ask for the take away boxes. Manteigaria, closer to the city center (in Bairro Alto) is another alternative to try amazing Pastéis de Nata.

Figure 4. Pastéis de Belém, our famous custard tarts.

How to get there:

- From the hotel, you can get the 727 bus (on the other side of the street);

- You can also use the metro and train: Take the Metro Blue Line in Marquês the Pombal (near the hotel) to Baixa-Chiado and then the Green Line to Cais do Sodré. Then take the train to Belém.

-You can also take a taxi, it’s a 15-20 minute drive.

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #5 - Eating near the Hotel

The Hotel is located near the Marquis of Pombal (Marquês de Pombal) Square, a central place in Lisbon. There are several options to have lunch, dinner or just to grab a drink and a snack while watching the sunset. Zomato is a good place to start if you want to explore by yourself. You can search for hotels in Marquês de Pombal (…/marqu%C3%AAs-de-pombal-restaurants), Saldanha (, Avenida da Liberdade (…/avenida-da-liberdade-restaurants), or Baixa (downtown -

It is difficult to suggest just a few, but I’ll try to cover different types of cuisine:

Os Tibetanos (…/os-tibetanos-avenida-da-liberdade-…) - Vegetarian, the food is very good in a nice and cozy restaurant. (Figure 1)

Figure 1. Restaurant Os Tibetanos

À Parte (…/%C3%A0-parte-saldanha-lisboa) - It’s like you’ve been invited to have dinner at a friends’ house. But here, you can end up having dinner in the kitchen (Figure 2), hall or one of the several rooms. Very nice and different place, with really good food.

Figure 2. Restaurant À Parte, showing the “Kitchen Room”.

Pizzaria Luzzo (…/pizzaria-luzzo-avenida-da-liberdad…). (Good) Pizza!!!

Prego da Peixaria (…/o-prego-da-peixaria-saldanha-lisboa). Prego (Figure 3)!! Very common in Portugal, but elevated to a different level in this restaurant. Basically, beef and bread… but here with Sirloin steak and Bolo do Caco (typical bread from Madeira Island). In case you don’t like steaks, there are other options with codfish, salmon and shrimp.

Figure 3. Prego from Prego da Peixaria.

Other options include Sushi Café Avenida, Os Fenícios (Libanese), Honorato (Burgers), among others.

Lisbon has also several “Tascas” (taverns), typical restaurants where you can find traditional dishes at cheaper prices. “Esquina da Fé” and “A Valenciana” are two examples, but you’ll find a lot of them if you explore the narrow streets of Lisbon.

Quiosques (Kiosks) da Avenida da Liberdade - If the weather allows for a few drinks and some snacks outside, there are six kiosks (Figure 4) in Avenida da Liberdade (Avenue of Freedom) where you can discuss ideas that emerged from this amazing conference! Or just relax.

Figure 4. One of Avenida da Liberdade Kiosks

There are now several rooftops in Lisbon where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, while having drinks and food. One of the most popular (and the closest to the Conference Hotel) is in Hotel Tivoli in Avenida da Liberdade. The Sky Bar is usually open until the end of October, so lets hope the weather plays nice this year (…/sky-bar-tivoli-lisboa-avenida-da-l…).

Figure 5. The Sky Bar, on the Rooftop of Hotel Tivoli.

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #6 - Running in Lisbon

If you can handle running through the seven hills of Lisbon, you may visit the city while running. There are also a few specialized services such as, which "offer several running routes through the main and most attractive areas of Lisbon" (you can jog with a local running partner / guide).

If you want to run by yourself (or with other colleagues or family), there are several places (parks) with plenty of green, calm and beautiful areas:

- Parque do Monsanto (Figure 1). It is the biggest green area near the center of Lisbon (~1000 hectares). Sometimes referred to as the Lung of Lisbon, it has different routes and a few viewpoints (Miradouros) over the city of Lisbon (e.g. Miradouro dos Montes Claros, Miradouro da Pimenteiral, Miradouro Keul do Amaral, and Miradouro do Alto da Serafina).

Figure 1. Parque do Monsanto

- Belém. Remember Tip #4? Belém is beautiful, with several historical and architectural references and... the Tagus River (Figure 2). You may follow the path along the river while sightseeing... and take a break to eat Pastéis de Belém, or just have a refreshing drink at "À Margem" ( just by the river -…/a-margem-bel%C3%A9m-lisboa) (Figure 3).

Figure 2. Belém, showing the river, bridge and monument

Figure 3. À Margem terrace, near the Tagus River

- Parque das Nações (Figure 4). The most modern part of Lisbon, where the Expo98 Exhibition took place (also by the Tagus River).

Figure 4. Parque das Nações.

- Cidade/Estádio Universitária (University City/Stadium) (Figure 5). Very close to where the AccessCamp will take place. This place supports several different sports, including running.

Figure 5. Estádio Universitário

Other alternatives near the center include parks such as Quinta das Conchas, Jardim da Estrela or Mata de Alvalade.

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #7 - Eating in Lisbon

If you’re staying for more than the conference and on Conference nights you should try to go out for dinner and try some of the best Lisbon restaurants. There are several options, for every preference. From vegetarians, to typical Portuguese food and good Italian restaurants, these are some recommended options:

- Portuguese restaurants: For a very nice portuguese dish we would recommend Adega das Gravatas (…/grande-…/adega-das-gravatas-carnide) a good restaurant with very big meals and with a very nice scenario. Tradition says that every groom leaves a tie there, so there are a lot of them hanging from the ceiling. For typical food from Madeira Islands you can go to Restaurante Típico Ilha da Madeira ( where you should ask the waiter for his recommendations - you won’t be sorry-. For portuguese steaks you can go to the original Portugalia (…/portug%C3%A1lia-cervejaria-almiran…) and also ask for a portuguese beer to go along with your meat. One of the best restaurants in Lisbon is the Taberna da Casa do Alentejo (…/taberna-da-casa-do-alentejo-rossio…) which has food from Alentejo in south of the country and is situated in a very nice building in the center of the city. Try one of the home specialties and a good portuguese wine. If you’re in for a typical Porto’s dish try the “Francesinha” they make on Lucimar (…/grande-…/lucimar-entrecampos-lisboa) is one of the best in Lisbon.

- Vegetarian restaurants: One of the best vegetarians in town may be Jardim dos Sentidos (…/jardim-dos-sentidos-avenida-da-lib…) where you can actually eat in a small garden in the back of the restaurant. If you get a warmer night you should try it. Is good even for non-vegetarian food lovers.

- Italian restaurants: There are two restaurants from the same owners which make for two of the best pizza restaurants in town. Pizzeria Lucca (…/gra…/pizzeria-lucca-alvalade-lisboa) and La Finestra (…/la-finestra-pra%C3%A7a-de-espanha-…). In both we would also recommend the home ice tea (which is not in the menu) and in the second try the pizza with figs.

- Burger restaurant: To get nice burgers and beers from all over the world you should go to Burgers & Beer (…/grand…/burgers-beer-saldanha-lisboa). There are also several restaurants across town called Hamburgueria do Bairro (…/hamburgueria-do-bairro-bel%C3%A9m-…) where they make burgers with typical portuguese ingredients.

If you need any more suggestions let us know. When in Lisbon you can only have nice food.

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #8 - Public Transportation, Moving Around Lisbon and Tram 28

Lisbon has great public transportation that can get you anywhere in the city. You can choose to take the metro, the bus (Carris), the train (CP) or the tram. The metro, bus and tram rechargeable card costs you 0.50€ and every trip costs an additionally 1.40€ (valid for one hour). If you're spending the day travelling around you might consider buying a full day ticket for 6€. You can acquire these cards at every metro station in the machines available (they have instructions available in English).

There are four metro lines, covering 46km and served by 55 metro stations. The metro opens at 6:30am and closes at 1:00am, typically there are trains every 3-15minutes depending on the time of the day.You can find the metro map here

And here is a full full map of all transportations If you are planning to use public transportation i recommend getting (Android) (ios)

an app that is especially useful to know when the next bus is going to arrive. You can also always resort to the local taxis or even Uber that is already available in Lisbon.

If you want to visit the main attractions of the center of Lisbon, you can use those Sightseeing buses that are common in most cities ( Some routes include Cascais, a beautiful town that deserves a Tip by itself. In these buses you may buy 24 or 48 hour tickets to explore Lisbon at your own pace, as you are able to hop-on and hop-off during that period (it also includes an audio guide in 14 different languages). There’s a stop near the conference hotel (Marquis of Pombal Square).

A more traditional (and memorable) option is to explore the city history and sights by taking Electrico 28 (Tram 28 - Figure 1) - the longest route that passes through many of Lisbon’s districts, including the old quarters (it is also a good option to go up to the Castle). Tickets can be purchased on board and a single ticket costs €2.85 (you can buy it from the driver). Better options are the ones referred above (the unlimited 24 hour pass that includes metro, tram and bus services (€6) - can only be bought on metro stations - and the rechargeable card where each trip costs €1.40).

You can find the route in the official site ( and also more detailed descriptions of Tram 28 and where you should hop-off in sites such as:

PS: Just like every touristic city, you should be careful and protect your bags/wallets/purses from pickpockets, particularly in touristic routes (tram 28, for example).

Hope you have a great trip and enjoy the ride!

Figure 1. Tram 28

ASSETS in Lisbon Tip #9 - Public Transportation and Accessibility

Although public transportation can take you everywhere in Lisbon, their accessibility services are sometimes limited (despite recent efforts to improve accessibility).

Accessible Portugal ( provides accessible transfer services from the airport to the hotel (you need to contact them beforehand). Moreover, they provide accessible touristic packages that also include transportation.

Not all taxis are accessible, but we gathered a few contacts of accessible taxis in case you need and prefer to take a taxi. Please refer to the need of an accessible taxi when contacting them, since they may have other non-accessible taxis.

Don’t forget to include Portugal’s code: 00351 or +351:

  • AventuraTrans - 917 219 594 (Nuno Ventura);
  • Jorge Alves Taxis - 966 225 212;
  • Taxis Arga - 933 148 052; (Florêncio Almeida)
  • Taxis Belchior Lda - 962 702 272
  • Vital Taxis - 966 227 786
  • Taxis Manuel João Almeida - 964 092 989

Lisbon’s metro network has 52 stations in total, “equipped with 209 escalators, 95 lifts and 10 travelators. 31 of the stations provide full accessibility” (from Moreover, in their website they refer that all automatic ticket vending machines have been adapted to meet the needs of visually impaired people.

Marquês de Pombal is one of the accessible stations (the closest to the hotel). Other important examples are the airport station (and all the red line - it is the most recent line), Saldanha (where you may change to the yellow line to go to Marquês de Pombal) and Rossio, Restauradores and Terreiro do Paço (touristic areas if you want to visit the city). Find the full network diagram here:

Almost all Carris buses are low-floored, but only half of them provide full accessibility to passengers using wheelchairs (both ramps and wheelchair space). Although there is a specific transport service for people with reduced mobility, it requires a greater effort (going in person to a particular station, so that they can emit a card that gives you the right to use this special service) and seems built for locals that use the service more often. For more information about this service and for the reduced mobility service on regular public service buses go to Apart from other information that may be useful, this site includes the accessible bus routes that I outline here as well: 701, 703, 705, 716, 720, 722, 726, 728 (they “guarantee a minimum 50% allocation of vehicles prepared for PRM in interspersed trips of this bus line (728)”), 729, 730, 735, 736, 744, 747, 755, 756, 767, 770, 778, 779, 781, 782, 783, 794 and 798.

A quick search revealed that at least the following routes are very close to the hotel: 720, 736, 744, 783.

Regarding trams, there are old and modern ones. The old trams (including Tram 28, referred on Tip #8) are inaccessible, while the modern ones have wheelchair space but it may be difficult to find out if a particular stop is step free or not. The drivers (both bus and tram drivers) are usually very helpful if they see that someone needs assistance.

Feel free to ask us if you need any additional information!